Aso Ebi Trends All benevolent to Partyers


Aso and ebi are two Yoruba words that denotes cloth and family. Aso ebi is a uniform dress commonly worn in Nigeria to funerals, family ceremonies and during festives periods to signifies friendship and uniformity.

Aso ebi can be traced to the Yoruba and today the trend has diffuse to other cultures and beyond. It is also called “anko”. Women especially are crazy about the anko.

Irrespective of the money used to buy the aso ebi , women will need bags, shoes and head gear to complement their dress and men at times, will need “Fila” to support their dress.

Lace, guinea and Kampala are also used depending on the class.

Ankara is arguably the most used and the cheapest among all. Ankaras are sold within the range of #1000 to #8000 for 6 yards depending on the class of celebrators or family of the celebrators.

In the same vein, celebrators goes for one prizes of the Ankaras and then inflate the prices for those that are willing to attend their parties. Some partyer gained #2000 and beyond on one person.

Although, Aso ebi can be measured of personal affluence, because it involves depersonalisation among individuals and rivalries among groups that is called “egbe” in Yoruba.

Meanwhile, dealers, taylors has immensely gained from the trend.

However, today many parties organizers now hinges on the money that is realize from the aso ebi for their hospitality.

More so, this trend has become a problem in many homes. Many couldn’t afford aso ebi and they can not take their eyes away from it.
Some homes even divert money meant for their paramount agenda to it.

In addition, many people borrow to buy aso ebi and not to feel inferior among others. Some parties uses it has a gate pass and some as a gift pass.

However, the truth need to be told. This trend shouldn’t be encouraged.
Choosing colour is better. If you not raise fund for the party.

Moreover, some aso ebi belittle some eminent personalities. They have better outfit in wardrobe than the anko choosen for them.

Aso ebi today is the reason people stop given gift or money to celebrators. People now believe they have made enough money from the aso ebi sales.

Although aso ebi has come to stay in the country and envisagely it may take serious economic hardship and enlightenment to eradicate.

Above all the whole trend needs to be revisit and sanity needs to be restore on our approach on “anko” in our homes.

Celebrations shouldn’t be in anyway seen has a business opportunities.

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